Public Art Commission

The Public Art Commission was created to:

  • Promote and encourage diverse citizen participation in public art; 
  • Assist corporations, commercial developments, and other private and governmental entities to incorporate public art; 
  • Recommend the operating and capital improvement program budgets for the public art program; 
  • Conduct the request for qualifications process for all public art installations; 
  • Review gifts of art offered to the city for artistic and cultural purposes; 
  • Provide information, recommendations and advise city council and staff on public art policies and initiatives relating to the city’s mission and vision statements for all art; 
  • Serve as recommending body on public art projects relating to art in public places; 
  • Serve as the recommending body on public art projects relating to art in private development.

Please visit our public access page HERE to view all of the Public Art Commission agendas, including supplemental agenda item attachments, videos, and meeting minutes as they become available.

Public Art in Apache Junction

Public art is identified as original work, produced by an artist, shall be in an area easily accessible and clearly visible to the general public and shall allow for unrestricted viewing from a variety of vantage points. Public art should consider the site, context and audience. Public art may possess functional as well as aesthetic qualities. Click here for additional clarifications on what is considered public art.

A complete list of existing public art within the community can be found on this map.

Governing documents

  • Ordinance 1482: Amending City Code Volume I, Chapter 4 Fees, December 17, 2019, effective February 3, 2020.
  • Ordinance 1477: Amending City Code Volume II Land Development Code, Chapter 1 Zoning Ordinance, Article 1-13 Design Standards, Section 1-13-4 Art In Public and Private Development, September 17, 2019, effective January 2, 2020.
  • Ordinance 1478: Amending City Code Volume I, Chapter 2 Mayor, Council, and Appointed Boards and Commissions, Article 2-9 Public Art Commission, September 17, 2019 effective November 1, 2019.

Public Art fee contribution options

  • included in project construction and budget paid through permit fee; or
  • contributed to the Art in Public Places Fund used for a community public art project


Commercial projects under 5,000 s.f.

.25% of valuation (max $100,000)

Commercial projects 5,000 – 10,000 s.f.

.5% of valuation (max $100,000)

Commercial projects over 10,000 s.f.

1% of valuation (max $100,000)

Multi-family developments 10 units or more

1% of valuation (max $100,000)

Renovation of mixed-use or nonresidential buildings exceeding 50% of gross floor area

1% of valuation (max $100,000)

Special provisions on fees: 1) Fee applies to new construction or addition of retail, office, lodging, and planned developments with commercial space, religious institutions, and non-profits, 2) Does not apply to industrial developments, 3) Shell only permits equate to 80% of value. The remaining 20% collected for prorated tenant improvements, 4) Renovation means a commercial interior remodel. Fee is reduced for projects under 10,000 s.f. by .25% or .5% accordingly as written above.

Commission Members

  • Jeffrey Danford, Vice Chair
  • Ryan Buys
  • Jarred Hamm
  • Gretchen Klett
  • Jaime Lanza