Contractor Participation


Contractors interested in submitting a bid for a project under the Housing Rehabilitation Program must following the bidding requirements - View the bidding instructions and required forms.

For detailed information about the program view the Rehabilitation Guidelines as adopted by the City Council at

In order to execute a contract on any of the City's Housing Rehabilitation projects, all contractors must hold a Privilege Tax License. All contractors must also hold an Arizona Contractor’s license through the Registrar of Contractors and have a DUNS and CCR number.

Contractor's are responsible for obtaining the necessary permits. View a breakdown of permit fees.

The City of Apache Junction's Equal Employment Opportunity Policy is available on-line for access by all potential City vendors / contractors. 

Codes and Standard Specifications

The contractor is responsible for knowledge of the City’s building codes. All work must conform to Apache Junction Building Codes and/or meet approved Uniform Building Codes unless otherwise specified in writing. The property standards that must be achieved as a result of assisted rehabilitation are established by the City’s Building Codes, the Federal Housing Quality Standards, the Arizona Department of Housing’s Housing Rehabilitation Standards and the City's Housing Rehabilitation Program Construction Guidelines.

Specifically, the City's Housing Rehabilitation Program follows the Arizona Department of Housing Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Weatherization Standards to ensure energy efficiency when rehabilitating homes. In addition to the State requirements the City has identified energy efficiency improvements as provided in the Contractor Guidelines. Guidance on establishing energy efficiency requirements was adapted from the Department of Energy.

Weatherization work is a matter of doing a few things well and understanding the home as a system. Weatherization concentrates on the following:

  1. Getting the home air tight (air sealing);
  2. Insulating the home right (focus on insulation performance not just R-value;
  3. Dealing with sunlight (shade screens and reflective coatings);
  4. Correctly installing efficient equipment (duct sealing, pressure balanced, air flow, sizing and charge); and
  5. Base loads (refrigerators, CFL).