Housing Programs


The City of Apache Junction does not provide housing or funding for housing. However additional resources and information for homeowners and renters are available on the links at the left of this page.

Fair Housing

Everyone is entitled to equal rights under the Fair Housing Law. The Fair Housing Law covers those persons who feel they may have been discriminated against due to their Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sex, Disability or Familial Status. 

There are 8 prohibited practices under the law if one of the 7 covered classes are effected:

  1. Refusing to rent, sell or negotiate for the rental or sale of a dwelling;  
  2. Subjecting people to different terms, conditions and/or privileges;    
  3. Limiting housing choice by word or conduct;
  4. Otherwise making housing unavailable;
  5. Misrepresenting availability;
  6. Making, printing or publishing discriminatory notices, ads, or statements;
  7. Discriminating on the basis of disability, reasonable modifications are acceptable; and
  8. Retaliation. 

If you feel you have been discriminated against, please contact the city's Grant Administrator. You will be asked to complete and return a complaint referral form, this information will be held confidential. Visit the Attorney General's office website for more information. To know your rights under the law, please read the attached brochure Fair Housing Brochure or visit HUD's website

Additional resources:

  • Southern Arizona Legal Aid - Ph: (520) 316-8076 (Casa Grande)
  • Arizona Attorney General's Office - Ph: (602) 542-5263   
  • Arizona Center for Disability Law - Ph: (800) 922-1447    
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - Ph: (800) 347-3739  
  • Southwest Fair Housing Council - Ph: (888) 624-4611 

Housing Studies & Reports

City of Apache Junction Strategic Plan and Housing Assessment

Apache Junction worked with the Drachman Institute and the Arizona Department of Housing to complete a comprehensive housing assessment for the city.

Apache Junction Strategic Plan and Housing Assessment

This is a large document and may take a long time to upload.

Pinal County Housing Assessment

Apache Junction took part in the process of the completion of the Pinal County Housing Assessment which will be incorporated into the County's Comprehensive Plan. The assessment took a look at the housing needs within Pinal County and Apache Junction.

Pinal County Housing Assessment