Strong Sustainable Community Initiative

Surrounded by the legendary Superstition Mountains, Apache Junction is a beautiful growing city with rich cultural aspects shown throughout the community. Together we thrive on creating a better future for generations to enjoy and love Apache Junction. The Strong Sustainability Community Initiative (SSCI) program collaborates with the community to revitalize by creating a viable environment for business investment, neighborhood well-being and happiness, and city growth and success. Strong Sustainable Community neighborhoods, have received improvements like solar street lights, sidewalks, and free dump days.  Together we want to expand this throughout all of Apache Junction.

The Vision

To create a viable city program that recognizes the importance of strong, sustainable neighborhoods that in turn support residents of Apache Junction and those businesses who serve our neighborhoods.

The Purpose

To make concerted efforts to invest in our neighborhoods and provide clean, safe and desirable environments in which to live. By creating strong neighborhoods, we build a solid customer base which helps support our local businesses and the viability of our local economy. With healthy neighborhoods and business, we increase the quality of life for our current residents and attract new residents who want to be part of our community.

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10 Quick Ways to Create A Sustainable Neighborhood

Sustainability is improving the environment, human well-being, and social justice for present and future generations. Below are quick and easy ways to promote sustainable actions in your neighborhood:

  1. Redefine your means of travel. Limiting car use reduces your carbon footprint by riding a bike, carpooling, or walking! It provides you with fresh air and a different perspective of your neighborhood.
  2. Know the names of your neighborhood kids and friends. This can make a profound difference in cases of emergency. It is difficult to help form a safe and supportive community for children without the adults and children knowing each other. 
  3. Start recycling. Recycling helps conserves and protects our natural habitats. Call your trash provider for more information.
  4. Report crime. Whether the issue is graffiti or suspicious activity, police cannot act without hearing about the problem first from you. For emergencies call 9-1-1 for non-emergencies call (480) 982-8260.
  5. Pick up litter near your home. Most people are less likely to litter where they don't see litter already. Grab a trash bag and make the neighborhood cleaner to enjoy for everyone.
  6. Eat local. Support your local businesses by visiting markets and local restaurants with family and friends.
  7. Front yard fun. Focus on your leisure and have activities in your front yard! Put your table or lawn chairs out front and enjoy your surroundings with neighbors.
  8. Report health and safety issues.  Keep Apache Junction beautiful. If you suspect a property violates the property maintenance standards with trash and weeds, you can submit a complaint or nuisance report of the issue at (480) 474-5112. 
  9. Be a Good Neighbor. If you see your neighbor in need of help, whether it be yard work or taking out the trash, offer your help and build better relationships.
  10. Educate yourself. Keep reading and researching about how to help the environment. Find ways you can make a positive impact, and inspire those around you to make a difference. Never stop learning, and never stop growing.

14 Steps Towards A Sustainable Future in Your Neighborhood

The Strong Sustainable Community Initiative has provided 14 diverse projects to encourage resident participation and involvement. Each project brings a unique sense of culture to the neighborhood and involves the people around them to make a sustainable future. These projects, are categorized under three different levels of contributions. Level One being an individual or partnership project, to Level Three being a whole neighborhood contribution.

Our Neighborhoods

The following are the neighborhoods which have received the benefits of the Strong Sustainable Community Initiative:

2014 - Smythe neighborhood

2015 - Grand View neighborhood 

2017 - Sierra neighborhood 

2018 - Clarence neighborhood

If you wish to volunteer call 480-474-2635.

If you wish to have your email address added to the list for easy communication, please email or call 480-474-2635.