Flatiron Community Park Partners

The Park the Community Built
This project is financially possible for our community due to a land exchange and the fact that funding comes almost entirely from Parks & Rec Development Fees, Grants, and Partnership services/contributions. The development fees are one-time fees collected on all newly built homes or businesses and can only be saved/used for capital projects.  General fund (or tax dollars) were avoided for the construction of this project.  Additionally, due to partnerships developed with businesses and other agencies, The City of AJ was able to stretch it's development dollars to more fully address the need for a downtown event/recreational space for citizens and visitors.  

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC)
The City applied for and received a generous grant of $100,000 to be used towards the construction of the Splashpad Plaza. SRPMIC annually disburses 12% of their gaming revenues to projects that benefit local communities. Without this grant, the popular splashpad would not have been included in the first phase of the park.  It is a critical component to attracting residents to the downtown businesses all week long.

Superstition Mountain Community Facilities District (SMCFD)
SMCFD, the Sewer District, recently entered into a partnership with the City to help fund a large portion of the restroom alternate and connection fees.  Due to limited funds, the City originally planned to wait for a future phase for this feature; however, due to the partnership with SMCFD, this very necessary amenity will be a part of our park on day one of opening! 

Salt River Project (SRP)
SRP has partnered on this project in multiple ways.  The City has been working closely with SRP to move unsightly overhead powerlines underground.  This is one are where the use of SRP Aesthetic funding has benefited the City in clearing the sight-line and allowing for wonderful views of the beautiful desert/mountains that surround our community.  Additionally, The City successfully applied for and was awarded a grant from SRP for funds contributing to the splashpad plaza.

Arizona Water Company
Apache Junction Water
Arizona water was critical in redesigning/moving old water lines that originally serviced a vacant/run-down apartment complex in the are that was cleared to make room for the park.  Both Arizona Water and Apache Junction Water worked together to move the lines that would service the park at a very small fraction of the cost to the City.  Additionally, both have partnered on a neat entry feature at the park, "Think Water".  This will be an "outdoor room" designed for park visitors to relax, enjoy nature, and learn about alternative landscape designs that conserve water.  We are truly fortunate to have two water service areas in our City that work so well together and FOR the benefit of our community members.   

Superstition Mountain Rotary Club
Our local Rotary was a catalyst for getting other agencies on board to contribute to Flatiron Community Park.  They were one of the first agencies to take on this project and see the social and economical value of this downtown gem.

Blount Contracting Inc.
Local Firm Named General Contractor
Blount Contracting, Inc. a family owned and operated company was recently selected as the general contractor for the City's first downtown park.  "As residents of the community that we work in, our expectation is to build a high quality project. We want to make sure that the projects that we build endure throughout years so that our families and friends can all benefit from them." 

Apache Junction Landfill
Apache Junction Landfill, owned and operated by Republic Services Inc. has helped keep some of the pre-construction site-work costs down by assisting with the import of fill-dirt to the site in order to address grading/storm water management.  This would have been a very costly expense for the project and so their willingness to help us and donate the materials and much of the labor was extremely appreciated.  Republic Services is no stranger to community involvement.  They have been long time supporters of the Lost Dutchman Marathon, neighborhood clean-up events, and most famously sponsoring the annual Fourth of July Fireworks show.

CORE Construction
Resolution Copper
CORE Construction and Resolution Copper both donated funds to help construct the splashpad at Flatiron Park.