Flatiron Community Park

The City of Apache Junction is excited to announce the opening of our newest park facility, and first event space in the downtown area: Flatiron Community Park.  

One of the components of the Downtown Revitalization Implementation Strategy (DRIS) was creating a public space in the downtown area to attract visitors and residents to the hub of local businesses.  Thanks to a land exchange, and development fee money that was already identified for small future park projects, and the help of grants and sponsorships, this vision became a reality.
After multiple public meetings to generate ideas for the park, The Parks and Recreation Commission and Mayor and Council approved a master plan that included an open space for downtown events and several potential amenities in a phased approach.  This initial phase included a splashpad and restrooms thanks to the generosity of our partners.  Additional ramadas and sidewalks are part of future phases.  

Flatiron Park Partners - This project is financially possible for our community due to a land exchange and the fact that funding comes almost entirely from Parks & Rec Development Fees, Grants, and Partnership services/contributions. The development fees are one-time fees collected on all newly built homes or businesses and can only be saved/used for capital projects.  General fund (or tax dollars) were avoided for the construction of this project.  Additionally, due to partnerships developed with businesses and other agencies, The City was able to stretch it's development dollars to more fully address the need for a downtown event/recreational space for citizens and visitors.  Visit our Park Partners Page to learn more.

If you or your agency is interested in becoming a partner on the splashpad or other park amenities, please contact us at ajpr@ajcity.net and view our Corporate Partnership Packages