Vendor Registration

Register Online to Become a Vendor

The City of Apache Junction uses an online vendor registration/notification system called Public Purchase. Those interested in receiving new solicitation notices and downloading current solicitation opportunities must first register.

Register for free with Public Purchase here - Click to register.

Why Register?

By registering with Public Purchase, you will automatically be notified when solicitation opportunities from the City become available. As a registered vendor, you can also designate, via commodity codes, which notifications you wish to receive.

How to Register?

This registration is a Two-Step process:

  • Step One: Create an account for your organization with Public Purchase. If you are already registered with Public Purchase, please go to Step Two.
  • Step Two: Link your Public Purchase account to the City of Apache Junction.
  • Confirming Email: When your registration with Public Purchase is activated, you will receive a confirmation email from Public Purchase. Using the link provided in the email, log in using your username and password, then click on the "Tools" tab on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Type in "City of Apache Junction" and click on search then click "Register with Agency."

The City of Apache Junction Procurement division requires you to complete 2 (2) tasks in this part of the registration process:

  1. You will need to select the NIGP commodity code(s) that relate to your business so you can receive email notifications of future solicitation opportunities that match the code(s) you select, and
  2. You will be prompted to fill out a W-9.

These things must be completed before you will be able to register as a City of Apache Junction

vendor. It is your responsibility to keep the information up to date, particularly the contacts and email addresses.

Public Purchase provides government agencies and their vendors with a comprehensive and easy to use web based eProcurement system. The Public Purchase eProcurement system is designed exclusively for use by government agencies and their vendors and is compliant with all Federal and State regulations, which set forth the required procedures for government agency purchasing.

This eProcurement system provides you with automatic notification of solicitation opportunities. In addition, Public Purchase gives you access to solicitation opportunities with other government entities. All of this is provided at no charge to vendors.