Summer Care Tips for Pets

Keep your pets indoors! If this is not possible; provide your pet with daily cool clean water in a spill-proof container. A child sized pool is ideal to provide your pet with extra drinking water and a place to climb in and cool itself off. An in-ground pool is not a good choice for providing drinking water for your pet. The pool contains unsafe chemicals and your pet could accidentally fall into the pool and drown.

Your pet needs shade! Lots of it! Make sure the area is shaded continuously throughout the day and is not exposed to the sun at any point of the day.

Leisurely walk your pet in early morning or evening hours to provide safe, adequate exercise for your pet and you! There is a greater possibility of your pet being exposed to heat exhaustion or stroke when exercising occurs in midday in the hot sun.

NEVER EVER leave your pet in a parked vehicle. Even if windows are "cracked" to provide air circulation throughout the car, temperatures in the car can still reach over 100 degrees. If you happen to notice a dog inside a parked car, immediately call 911!

Be aware of the obvious signs of possible heat exhaustion: Excessive loud panting (almost gasping for air) dark red or purplish color tongue, lack of moisture in the mouth, rapid pulse, "glazed-over" eyes, agitation with whining and pacing, vomiting. If your pet displays any or all of these signs, your pet is in danger! Cool your pet down right away with cool wet towels and/or ice packs. Place them on your pet's groin and armpit areas. Only give small amounts of water to drink to avoid vomiting. Seek emergency veterinarian medical attention immediately!

Best tip yet, have fun with your pets this summer! Take them to a lake or a dog park that provides a body of water for them to swim in. Make sure you provide close, continuous supervision for your pet while it's having fun!