Drainage and Flooding

There are numerous washes, riverbeds and 3 floodplains within the City of Apache Junction. The City will get periodic and seasonal rains. When it rains these normally dry waterways can be destructive and even life-threatening events. City residents can do their own part to protect themselves and their property from the stormwater and during a flood event. The City encourages all residents to:
  • Stay out of flooded areas.
  • Follow safety guidelines during storms and floods, especially when near flooded washes and riverbeds.
  • Adhere to regulations when building or maintaining property in a floodplain, and purchase flood insurance for their property.
Recently the City has passed and adopted the Floodplain Management and Stormwater Regulations to protect residents and the motoring public.


Consulting engineers for the Pinal County Flood Control District will be onsite walking the Weekes Wash corridor between Lost Dutchman Boulevard and the Superstition Freeway (US 60) this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, June 15-17, 2022 to document existing conditions as part of the “Weekes Wash Regional Multi-Use Detention Facility” project currently under design. You may see engineering staff walking along the wash corridor in safety vests on the above-mentioned dates. Please refer to the project fact sheet for a more detailed description of the project.

Weekes Wash presents a significant flood risk to many properties in the City of Apache Junction, flooding and damaging properties as recently as 2019. The planned multi-use detention facility will increase public safety, enhance emergency access, reduce risk to utility infrastructure, and decrease the burden of post-storm cleanup while offering the potential for integration of enhanced public features. Download the fact sheet and learn more.

Flood map image of weeks washFlood map image of weeks washFlood map image of weeks wash