Victim Services


The Department is committed to the preservation and protection of the rights of crime victims and witnesses. The Department recognizes that many innocent people suffer economic loss, injury, or death due to criminal acts. For more information, contact Corporal Marty Harshman at 480-474-5442.

Realizing that victims and witnesses need to be treated with fairness, compassion, respect, and dignity, and be free from intimidation, harassment, and abuse, the Department developed a Victim Services Program.

Victim Services Auxiliary members respond to incidents as needed. The Auxiliary members assist officers by providing resource information, transportation, personal assistance, and sympathy. Auxiliary members may respond to crisis situations at a crime scene, in the home, or at the hospital. At times children are the victims and volunteers are called to care for them as well.

Contact with victims by telephone, mail, or in person will be made after the initial crisis to ensure they have appropriate information on how to reach professional agencies, self-support groups, and other community organizations for support.


  • On-call status for potential victim services 
  • Training and meetings 
  • Provide victims with referral information 
  • Assistance for the victim's family when necessary 
  • Assist Patrol and/or Investigation Divisions with victims' needs, i.e., transportation, shelter, food, etc., when necessary 
  • Assist victims of domestic violence 


Once a perpetrator is charged with a crime and is facing prosecution, please refer to the Victim Advocate page for further assistance.