TRIAD Program

The Triad Program is a separate senior volunteer program that was organized in 2001 to initiate and maintain crime prevention/personal safety programs for the 55+ population in our community. The police department partners with the Apache Junction Senior Center to assist in maintaining the Telephone Reassurance Program, one of the many Triad programs available.

The Telephone Reassurance Program
The Telephone Reassurance Program is a program in which a volunteer comes to the police department each morning and makes a phone call to a person who is usually alone or homebound, without someone to check on them daily. If the person receiving the call does not answer after several tries, the volunteer will notify a police dispatcher and have an officer do a welfare check.

Triad volunteers, as well as the recipients of the calls, have praised the program. At present there are nine Triad volunteers calling 25 recipients.

Other programs

Other Triad programs include:

  • 9-1-1 Cell Phone Program
  • Home Alone/Safe Alone Program.

For information on these programs, call the Apache Junction Senior Center at (480) 474-5260.