Watch Your Car

Watch Your Car (WYC) is a free vehicle theft prevention program sponsored by the Arizona Auto Theft Authority (AATA) that allows owners to voluntarily enroll their vehicle(s) and by displaying decals that alert police the vehicle is not usually driven between the hours of 1 am and 5 am.

The purpose of the Watch Your Car Program is to identify vehicles that the owners have indicated are not routinely operated during early morning hours. Since many vehicles are stolen during this time, it may be hours before owners determine that their vehicles are missing.
How does the program work?
The Watch Your Car Program is administered by the Arizona Auto Theft Authority. Owners submit a consent form, which authorizes the AATA to enroll their vehicles (must be registered in the State of Arizona ) in the WYC Program. The AATA enters the information in the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) registration data base, which notates that the vehicles are enrolled in WYC.

Telephone numbers and often alternate telephone numbers are provided, which allows the police to readily contact owners if their vehicles are encountered during the program hours.

How is the patrol officer involved in WYC?
If a law enforcement officer observes a vehicle displaying Watch Your Car decals between the hours of 1 am and 5 am. They are authorized to investigate and verify ownership and follow department protocol for conducting traffic stops. The vehicle may be a "fresh" stolen, or it may be operated by the owner. If circumstances permit, a registration and wanted check is conducted before stopping the vehicle. A quick call to the registered owner may provide valuable information.