Avoiding Scams & Fraud


 If a person calls and wants to sell you a product or wants you to donate to a charity, how do you know that person is legitimate? That person is a stranger. He or she has no credentials to show you, no way to convince you that they are truly representing ABC charity or that you will get the product they are selling.

The Police Department regularly receives calls from residents who say they have gotten calls or emails from people pretending to be law enforcement, the IRS, the FBI, or even family members. The Apache Junction Police Department wants the community to know that it does not solicit funds in any way and aside from family members, none of the other agencies will call or email your directly asking for payment.

If you receive a call or email like this or any that are questionable, contact the Attorney General's Office Consumer Information and Complaints Dept at (602) 542-5763.

Red Flags

  • The caller says you must make your decision immediately
  • The caller says the offer has been made only to a limited number of people
  • The caller refuses to send written information
  • The caller or correspondence asks for bank account, credit card or social security information
  • The caller or correspondence asks you to wire money
  • The caller says someone will come by to personally pick up a check

Protect Yourself

  • Hang up on telemarketers! Don't be afraid to be rude.
  • Ask the caller to place you on the company's do-not-call list.
  • Never give out bank, credit card, or social security information.
  • Never let anyone come to your home or meet you at the bank to pick up a check.
  • If a deal sounds good, ask the company for more information in writing. A reputable company will gladly oblige, as well as give you as much time as you want to think about it.
  • Before agreeing to send money for something you're not sure of, ask a friend or relative for advice or call the Police Department's non-emergency line (480) 982-8260.

To learn about the latest scams and frauds being committed you can visit the FBI website which lists common frauds from A to Z:


Seniors Guide to Financial Scams: https://www.annuity.org/financial-literacy/seniors-guide-to-financial-scams/

More Information on Financial Abuse: https://www.annuity.org/financial-literacy/financial-abuse/

If you are ever concerned that you have been a target or victim of a crime, contact the AJPD as soon as possible at (480) 982-8260.