Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is responsible for investigating the most serious or complex cases received by the department. CID investigates cases initiated by the Patrol Division, as well as cases initiated from outside sources.

CID works closely with the Patrol and other divisions within the department to ensure successful resolutions on all cases and criminal investigations conducted by the department. Cases assigned to an investigator often require specialized training and education, additional time, specialized resources, the ability to leave the City's jurisdiction, and the ability to blend covertly into the environment in civilian clothing.

CID currently consists of an Investigative Sergeant, 6 General Investigators, a Crime Suppression Group, a Drug Task Force Investigator, a Crime Scene Technician, a Crime Analyst, 2 Cold Case Volunteers, and 2 Civilian Investigative Support Staff.

CID is responsible for the following but not limited to:

  • Assist and follow-up on cases initially handled by patrol officers.
  • Assist other agencies with their investigations (Probation, Social Services, FBI, DEA, US Marshal Service etc.)
  • Review assigned reports to ensure that all supporting documentation and elements of that particular crime are present for an appropriate level criminal charge.
  • Ensure supporting evidence has been collected and is properly packaged for that particular criminal case.
  • Supports the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit.
  • Locate and interview/interrogate witnesses, victims, and suspects to support the criminal investigation.
  • Draft and execute search warrants and subpoenas for property, persons, records, and other special evidence.
  • Prepare the case for the prosecution (federal, state, county, or local attorneys) and testify in court.
  • Perform special covert operations including undercover stings, surveillance, and vehicle and suspect tracking.
  • Perform administrative tasks that include special licensing (alcohol/tobacco), permits (gambling/gun /solicitor) background checks.
  • Conducts Computer Forensic research for relative investigations.
  • Oversees the Community Response Enforcement Unit (this is a tactical special operations/crime suppression group).