Neighborhood Partnership Program

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The City of Apache Junction created the Neighborhood Partnership Program to promote 360 degree feedback between citizens, local government officials and
city employees. The meetings allow citizens to express concerns, share feedback and ask questions. Meetings also provide an opportunity for government officials and city employees to share information about the city including upcoming projects, programs and events. Residents are provided with a summary of the meeting and follow-up to any outstanding items that were discussed.

The Neighborhood Partnership Program fosters a relationship between residents and the city. Additionally, the program enhances informed citizen participation in the future of the community.
Potential Speakers
Potential Speakers Include:
  • Mayor & City Council
  • Police Department Representative
  • Library Representative
  • Parks & Recreation Representative
  • Other Department Representatives
  • Community Partners may include:
    • Fire District
    • School District
    • Other Community Partners
Setting Up a Meeting
The Neighborhood Partnership Program is for any group of citizens who would like to host a meeting with
the city.

Meetings can be coordinated through HOA's, an activity office or directly through citizens. Contact the Marketing & Communications division to set up a meeting.

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