Rodeo Event Center Updates

2024 Master Plan Update

After maintaining and operating the Rodeo Event Center for the last 37 years the City of Apache Junction has purchased 20 acres from The Bureau of Land Managment. The Parks and Recreation Department, working closely with current Rodeo Event Center user groups, have identified key amenities to be able to enhance/increase events and activities in the Apache Junction area. Future improvements will be prioritized based on need and available funding. We will update this page periodically with progress and next steps.

Draft Rodeo Event Center Master Plan

After viewing the draft master plan, please share with us your thoughts and ideas for future programs and events by taking this survey

Current Rodeo Event Center Layout


Current Events and Activities

Tractor Show


Lost Dutchman Days Rodeo




Tonto Twist

Tonto Twist

Lost Dutchman Days Carnival


EVBCH Family Fun Fest

EVBCH Family Fun Fest

Driving and Carriage

Driving and Carriage

Parks and Recreation Staff


Private Events