AJ Water

Apache Junction Water Utilities Community Facilities District (AJWD) is a special district formed by the Apache Junction City Council on August 2, 1994, and is a separate governmental entity from the City.

The Water District is primarily responsible for providing water service in the City of Apache Junction within the District’s water service area.

Currently, Apache Junction Water District serves approximately twenty-four square miles and a population of 14,348, which accounts for more than one-third of the City of Apache Junction. The remaining area is served by Arizona Water Company.


The water district's water supply comes from multiple sources, mainly Central Arizona Project water from the Colorado River and groundwater pumped from the aquifer. Additional sources include water acquired from the Gila River Indian Community, water put back into the ground in previous years that can be pumped later and Non-Indian Agricultural water that was originally designated for agricultural use reallocated to municipalities.

The water district has a "Designation of Assured Water Supply" from Arizona Department of Water Resources, meaning that the water district can provide water for new developments within its boundaries so long as it continues to have a 100-year supply for that development. The designation is re-evaluated every 15 years. Currently, the water district uses less than its allocation meaning that new developments are safe to continue.


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