Superstition Vistas

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Grand Opening Ceremonies for DR Horton, Radiance at Superstition Vistas, were held on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 and included staff from DR Horton as well as the Mayor and City Council members, City of Apache Junction staff, and Planning & Zoning Commission members.  As of March 2023, DR Horton has sold approximately 50 homes, and approximately 600 people are on the waiting list to purchase a home.

On October 5, 2021, the City Council approved two (2) Master Planned Community Plans (“MPC”) known as the Auction Property at Superstition Vistas MPC and the Retained Property at Superstition Vistas MPC.

To view the documents, click where indicated, below:

Auction Property at Superstition Vistas Master Planned Community (MPC)

Master Planned Community Plan, click: here  

Retained Property at Superstition Vistas Master Planned Community (MPC)

Master Planned Community Plan, click: here

The Apache Junction Water Utilities Community Facilities District is the designated water provider for the Superstition Vistas master-planned community. Projects of this scale are required – by state law -- to have 100 years’ worth of water for every home in the community. The city has enough water for the build-out of the four square miles of the new community, which will house up to 11,000 homes in approximately the next ten years. The development’s water will be provided through pumped groundwater (which is retained surface water) currently unused by the city. In addition, a large amount of water will be brought in through the city’s Superstition Area Water Treatment Plant, with multiple water campuses that will be built to provide potable water to the Superstition Vistas community.

It is well known that Arizona is struggling in this time of drought, but efforts are continuing for water conservation in the East Valley and beyond. However, it is as though residents of Apache Junction have already taken that message to heart. Apache Junction citizens use less than 100 gallons of water per person per day – among the lowest usage of any city in the Phoenix metropolitan area. There is an assured water supply for 100 gallons per person per day for all of our developments in the city, including the new community on the southern edge of Apache Junction. Everyone in Arizona needs to use our allotted water efficiently to have more water available for the future. With desert landscaped front yards and reclaimed water for large neighborhood parks, these are a few of the many choices being made with water conservation in mind for the Superstition Vistas community residents.

Water is a precious commodity, and nobody is taking water from our residents. There are proper plans to ensure enough water for current and new residents of Apache Junction.

For more detailed information regarding water and Superstition Vistas, we invite you to read the city’s water plans below:

Infrastructure Master Plans

Master Drainage Plan, click:  here

Non-Potable Water Infrastructure Master Plan, click:  here

Transportation Master Plan, click: here

Wastewater Infrastructure Master Plan, click:  here

Water Master Plan, click: here

For more information, contact Sidney Urias, Interim Planning Manager, at 480-474-5087